Joe Gambino “The Family Blend” California Red


Impact Images Production Studios had the pleasure of working with both C&C Distributors of Fine Wines and Spirits, and Mr. Joe Gambino to design and photograph Joe’s first wine; Joe Gambino “The Family Blend” California Red. Through multiple mock designs and multiple tastes tests we believe we have created the ultimate wine label to match the perfect wine for the infamous Joe Gambino.

When you think of Joe Gambino the word power comes to mind. But, upon first meeting Joe Gambino there is an odd quietness to his demeanor. We wanted to create a design to capture the fear that comes with the mention of his name, but also capture his urbane sensitivity for style and good taste.

-Paul Perez

The all black wine label design features a bold script type in white for Joe Gambino’s name, slightly skewed at an angle. The wine label also boasts the ‘Trinacria’ in the center as a historical symbol of Sicilian life and honour. As finishing touches we add a red foil stripe to the top of the wine label and red foil words “The Family Blend” at the bottom of the wine label.

Growing up in Italy on the Gambino family vineyard gave Joe his expertise in wine making. As a young man, Joe left Italy and came to America where he ventured into the fine restaurant and nightclub business, eventually opening his own successful establishments. As his places became more frequented by the rich, famous and infamous, Joe’s “Family Blend” became the choice wine, receiving praise amongst family, friends and associates!

Joe Gambino “The Family Blend” California Red is an intuitive blend of (3) California varietals: Cabernet Sauvignon (50%), Zinfandel (40%), and Merlot (10%). The blend is extraordinarily smooth over the pallet, with a dark fruity body and hints of mocha and vanilla that make for a lingering finish. This delicious blend will be one of your favorites for sure.

You can view the final image of our design for Joe Gambino “The Family Blend” California Red in our Food & Beverage Product Photography portfolio.


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