Fashion Photography Photo Shoot for Noctum Eyewear


Impact Images Production Studios had the pleasure of hosting a fashion photography photo shoot for Noctum Eyewear (@noctumstyle) at our 8000 square foot production studio. The fashion photography photo shoot was produced by our very own designer Justin Paul (@design_weapons) with featured guest fashion photographer Tatan Zuleta (@tatanzuleta) hailing from Columbia.

We wanted Tatan to be comfortable shooting in our studio and we feel we achieved exactly that. He was able to shoot each model and pair of Noctum Eyewear with ease and the images produced showed just that. He loved working with our Nikon D800 and AF-S NIKKOR 24-120mm f/4G ED VR.

-Paul Perez

Lasting a grueling (11) hours, with over (12) models to shoot, each fashion photograph captured the style and life of the wearer. From bodybuilder to yogi, artist to body modifier, musician to belly dancer, race car driver to watersport enthusiast, each image captured their unique spirit; the life blood of Noctum Eyewear, #LiveLifeAlive.

Look for the images to pop up on the Noctum Eyewear Official Site and across the world wide web as soon as Tatan can get his Master Photoshop retouching skills on them.


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