Tattoo Media Ink Hires Impact Images for Magazine Development


With their newly acquired magazine line of Outlaw Biker, SkinArt, Tattoo Revue, Tattoos for Men, Tattoos for Women, & Tabu Tattoo; Tattoo Media Ink, approached Impact Images Production Studios to develop the magazines SkinArt and Tattoo Revue.

We were excited to get involved with Tattoo Media Ink and polish the look of their newly procured publications.

-Paul Perez

Tattoo Revue, Skin Art, Tattoos For Men, Tattoos For Women, Tabu Tattoo, and Outlaw Biker; are and always will be the originals, the founding publications in the tattoo industry. Impact Images will be apart of the team that brings the latest technology of Digital Download Subscriptions and the connectivity of social media through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. to facilitate the content of the publications for the industry; “Content by tattoo artists for tattoo artists.” For the tattoo community, these publications will represent sincere connectivity over issues that face artists today and tomorrow.


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