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Tattoo Media Ink Hires Impact Images for Magazine Development


With their newly acquired magazine line of Outlaw Biker, SkinArt, Tattoo Revue, Tattoos for Men, Tattoos for Women, & Tabu Tattoo; Tattoo Media Ink, approached Impact Images Production Studios to develop the magazines SkinArt and Tattoo Revue. We were excited to get involved with Tattoo Media Ink and polish the look of their newly procured […Read More]

Impact Images Releases C&C Distributors New Ads with Christie Livoti


A about a month back, Impact Images Production Studios hosted a fashion product photography photo shoot for C&C Distributors of Fine Wines and Spirits, with Christie Livoti of Brooklyn 11223. After careful planning and hours of compositing the completed advertisements have been sent to magazines across the world. The final advertisements for C&C came out […Read More]

Food & Beverage Product Photography Gallery Unveiled


Impact Images Production Studios is proud to unveil its Food & Beverage Product Photography Gallery. Featuring award winning designs for the emerging C&C Distributors of Fine Wines & Spirits, these bottles are sure to catch the viewers eye. Our feature designs in the Food & Beverage Product Photography Gallery are of C&C’s line of Coney […Read More]

Architectural Photography Online Gallery Unveiled


Impact Images Production Studios is proud to unveil its gallery of Architectural Photography. Bringing the viewer unique pieces ranging from commercial to residential; urban to suburban; skyscraper to home; courtyard to living room; and a blend of old school and new school photography, this gallery is sure to delight them. I took off my shoes and […Read More]