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Fashion Photography Photo Shoot for Ian Behrman

Impact Images Production Studios had the pleasure of hosting an exclusive photo shoot for Ian Behrman (tw: @IanBehrnam) (ig: @IanBehrman) herunterladen. Ian Behrman, an industry leading designer and manufacturer of women’s footwear, is introducing his first personal collection to the global marketplace videos from facebook to iphone.

“The team at Impact Images moved with incredible pace to keep the shoot moving,” said Mariluz. “Everyone was pleased with the results and impressed by their professionalism.”

Lasting a grueling (6) hours, the photo shoot was a huge success thanks to the direction by Mariluz Fontanez (tw: @vivalamariluz) (ig: @vivalamariluz) & Justin Paul (ig: @design_weapons) windows 7 deutsch kostenlosen vollversion.

All of the shoes were modeled by the fabulous ‎Kristina Carugan (tw: @kissforKristina) werbespots herunterladen. The outfits were provided by Posh Boutique, ‘The voice of the trendy and fashion savvy’ whatsapp bilder neu herunterladen. (fb: Posh Boutique)

With the project now in post production, keep an eye out for the final images to hit the web and print soon download amd v-detection services program!

UPDATE: You can view some of the images from our Ian Behrman Fashion Photography photo shoot in our Fashion Photography portfolio avira download kostenlos.


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