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Fashion Photography Photo Shoot for Luigi Baldo

Impact Images Production Studios had the pleasure of hosting a fashion photography photo shoot for Luigi Baldo at the beautiful homes in North Hills, NY herunterladen. With over a thousand images captured throughout the day, there were plenty to choose from for Luigi Baldo’s catalogue of 30+ 100% Cashmere Sweaters adobe cs6.

Our goal for this fashion photography photoshoot was to capture the luxury that cashmere sweaters offer; so we opted to shoot at a beautiful home in North Hills, NY herunterladen. What was unique about this home was that it was filled with antique Italian furniture, and had a luscious backyard garden to provide unique settings for our models to showcase the cashmere sweaters twitch livestream herunterladen.

-Paul Perez

The soft yet boldly designed cashmere sweaters of Luigi Baldo draped over the models effortlessly during this fashion photography photo shoot orsay app. The stylist had little effort in making the garments look flawless allowing her to spend more time on the models makeup and hair. With just a few key lights and a host of window light and outdoor light, the images were filled with natural light creating a soft but sharp look on the garments bringing out the subtle textures movies to download netflix.

You can view some of the images from our Luigi Baldo Fashion Photography photo shoot in our Fashion Photography portfolio Download movies from amazon prime mac.


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