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Fashion Product Photography Photo Shoot for C&C Distributors with Christie Livoti

Impact Images Production Studios had the pleasure of hosting a fashion product photography photo shoot for C&C Distributors of Fine Wines and Spirits, with the fabulous Christie Livoti of Brooklyn 11223 cs2 lokbilder herunterladen. Lasting just a few hours the fashion product photography photo shoot captured all C&C Products; Coney Island Carlo Ultra Premium Spirits, Coney Island Carlo California Wines, Chiarina California Wines, Heavenly Light: Lite Italian Wines, and the new Joe Gambino “The Family Blend” California Red download windows 10 installer.

We were really excited to work with Christie Livoti because of her background in modeling and reality TV. The bottles sparkled in her presence and the composites we will create with these photos will stand out marvelously thanks to her striking aura download series from serien stream.

-Paul Perez

Set against a black sweep, and with minimal lighting, the images provide striking captures of both the beautiful Christie Livoti, and each C&C Liquor Bottle or Wine Bottle Download album from icloud to pc. These images will be composited into the new advertisements for C&C Distributors of Fine Wines and Spirits. Look for the images to come to our Fashion Photography portfolio download herma software.


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