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Impact Images Goes to the 2015 Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention

The Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention has long been the “must go to” tattoo convention on the American circuit. The 2015 stop in Philly was no different this time around herunterladen. With upwards of 500 booths and a record turn-out in attendance, the Philadelphia convention lived up to its name once again. 888casino uae On the convention the best cheap broadband internet was used herunterladen. We saw artists and clients from all over the world come to tattoo and get tattooed all weekend long. رقم الحظ Tattoo Media Ink (Skin Art, Tattoo Revue, Outlaw Biker, Tattoos for Men, Tattoos for Women, and Outlaw Biker) hired Impact Images Production Studios to construct a large photo booth with a red carpet style area where people could show off their tattoo ink, fresh or not, in a fashion photography type setting amazon music musiken. The booth was managed by Matt Toca (@meistertoca) where the camera and light set up made the photography taking process simple for all involved. The fashion photograph booth went over very well with the crowd and the artists alike hpsa herunterladen.

Tattoo Media Ink came to us with the idea of a fashion photo booth for patrons of the 2015 Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention to show off their work whatsapp downloaden op apple watch. We feel we delivered a solid photography booth that was inviting. We saw a lot of great work enter the fashion photography booth.

-Paul Perez

The 2015 Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention was special for many reasons, one being that the living legends of tattooing united all under one roof windows media player 12 kostenlos downloaden deutsch. Coney Island Carlo, “Crazy” Philadelphia Eddie, Bowery Stan Moskowitz, Marvin Moskowitz, Shanghai Kate, Lyle Tuttle, Tony Polito The Godfather of NYC Tattooing, Jerry Red, Hanky Panky, and many more all gathered in Philly for the weekend of February 13 – February 15, 2015 download the report slip. طريقة الدفع عن طريق paypal The convention gave a magnificent tribute to all the tattoo legends zonk sound. Each of them received great praise from the crowd and tattooers alike, while receiving awards and gathering on stage for a group photo opportunity.

There were many stars from TV tattoo contest shows working diligently through the three day event avira antivir free kostenlos. Big Gus, Horichiro, Scott Marshall, Kyle Dunbar, James Vaughn and Alli Baker were all in attendance tattooing at the 2015 Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention mp3tag. Many vendors had a great turn out including Mom’s Ink, Intenze Ink, and some of the top supply companies like Technical Tattoo Supply, and Tommy’s Supply. Many other vendors sold flash, clothing, paintings, and sculptures; Anything you wanted, you could find!

The Enigma Man of the side show act “Show Devils” did an excellent job entertaining the crowd. The Enigma paid a visit to the Tattoo Media fashion photography booth to reminisce with Coney Island Carlo. The two joked about how Carlo actually tattooed a few of the puzzle pieces on the Enigma in 1997 at the Eden Rock Hotel during the Miami Tattoo Convention. The Enigma even remembered where and when.

Dr. Carl Blasphemy rocked the microphone and kept everyone hyped up as only he can. Troy Timpel was walking the aisles making sure everyone was taken care of and that the 2015 Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention ran smoothly. Troy’s after parties have become almost as infamous as the convention itself. Everyone raved about this years after parties. Villain Arts and Troy Timpel put on a great show as usual and we can’t wait to see what the 2016 Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention has in store for us. It should be nothing short of spectacular.


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