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Security Agreement With Strawman

It is the STRAWMAN account that generates all the money. You cannot (the sovereign) interact with the public; only the STRAWMAN (Bailor) can. You are the agent of STRAWMAN and you are responsible. Their bodies (to which they hold titles) are safe for confidence. The birth certificate is a security agreement between the state and the party and this security agreement, if it is registered in a public registry system, becomes a right to a pledge or a title against the organization. So if you ask the estate of STRAWMAN does not make a payment, we say to a criminal charge and the succession OF STRAWMAN is now convicted of this complaint, then there is an obligation, a liability, a tax; against this reduction, to pay this tax. When I say, “Who are you?” Who are you? If this body dies, isn`t it true that there`s a ghost inside? For those of you who believe in God, when that body dies, there is a spirit and it goes to a place, do you agree? So, in reality, is it me or is it the spirit in that body in me? But this body is not me? I am spirit, so when I ask you who you are, as God answered Moses: “I am who I am” “I am me” The Spirit in me is sovereign. Proponents of this system claim that the U.S. government or treasury department control bank accounts, often referred to as “U.S. cash accounts” – for all U.S.

citizens who can be accessed by filing papers with public and federal authorities. Those who encourage this fraud often cite different discredited legal theories and may refer to the scheme as “redemption,” “Strawman” or “Acceptance for Value.” Coaches and websites often charge high fees for “kits” that teach individuals how to do this scheme. They will often imply that others have had great success in paying down debt and buying goods such as cars and homes. Non-implementation of the system is attributed to people who have not followed the instructions in a certain order or who do not submit documents at correct times. What about the bonds that are issued? It is part of the energy exchange. But to invoke the link, it must come from someone with authority and permission. In reality, it is your signature (a living human body) that creates what is commercial energy, or what is used as money. What is the purpose of a name; What is related to the name (in trade)? Responsibility Securities, rights, interest, commitments and obligations that the name binds to a contract. Where do they arouse interest in your body and how did you give it? They establish a position of trust.

And what you start in their birth certificate and then any transaction you have allowed to continue to go in his interest, so that your birth certificate has created confidence with all your commercial energy in a man living from the energy of his own body put him in that trust. It is a rather benign form that could very well be the most powerful instrument in commercial law ever discovered by the patriotic movement. It is also by far the most dangerous. The process, touted as a “redemption,” quickly and angered the country, with both positive and negative results. It`s like a gun in the hands of a person who is a sniper. Because the body is the currency or the source of the currency when they deposit the body in a physical place and the body is money. Isn`t the money deposit called a bank? And isn`t it the banks in the prisons? And the prisoner there owes a certain amount of money for which his body, by the registered security agreement, commits him to the contract.