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Mobile Homes Act Agreement

The existing owner, who had a written agreement with the park owner, which began before May 26, 2013, had to inform the owner of the park that he was proposing to sell or give the house away and to award the agreement. The agreement is a document signed by both the park owner and the occupier, which sets out the terms of the right of residence on the park. If the owner of the park objects to the planned sale, he must issue a notice of refusal to the occupier within 21 days of the date the park owner was first informed of the sale. If this does not happen within 21 days, the sale or gift of the house is presumed approved. Once the occupier has accepted an offer from a buyer, he must inform you, in the prescribed form (“Notification of the proposed sale”), that he proposes to sell or give the mobile home and to assign the employment agreement to the person (s) referred (s) in the notice of the contract. In one case where the assigned agreement began or was awarded after May 26, 2013, it is considered a new agreement. This means that the occupier does not need to obtain the agreement of the park owner if he wants to sell his house. Holiday homes are not protected by law because they do not pass the “only or principal residence” exam. Occupants who are temporarily absent remain protected. If you wish to object to the proposed sale/gift and transfer, you must (i) send a notice (a “notification of refusal”) to the occupier and (ii) ask the FFT for an order preventing the occupant from selling the house and awarding the contract to the potential buyer (a “refusal order”). Both steps must be taken within 21 days of the date you receive notice from the occupier, otherwise the sale/gift and assignment will be deemed approved.

One of the main reasons for parliament`s passage of the 2013 law was the negotiation of the “sales freeze,” where measures taken by some park owners effectively prevented residents from selling their homes. The law has introduced a new procedure that must be followed every time a car park is now sold or donated by a park dweller, and this is how: legal forms for the establishment of rules for setting up on mobile home sites as of February 4, 2014. As of April 1, 2014, local authorities will be able to charge for a site license each year. The annual fee can be recovered by parking fees, which is distributed pro-rata between the houses. This is a permanent and permanent surcharge on parking fees. Please note that the resulting fees, paid by the site owner, cannot be passed on to residents. The mobile home must be located on land that, at the beginning of the agreement to deploy the mobile home on the site, was a protected site – an occupant does not enjoy protection under the law if the website does not obtain protected site status until after the start of the agreement. [1] Another amendment introduced by this legislation is the site authorisation regime.