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Commercial Photography

Impact Media Productions is a Commercial Photography studio that utilizes digital technology combined with decades of experience and talent to enhance the visual appeal of any product or service. Impact Media Productions spacious capacity, propping, and set resources allow us to handle everything from small production tabletop to full room production commercial photography.

All products received for commercial photography are professionally hand prepped, then digitally logged into Project Central to allow for interactive supervision on the part of the client tierlaute kostenlos herunterladen. The optimal results for commercial photography are achieved by working together to make every product look its absolute best. Products are styled and propped according to the client’s requirements and the product’s design.

Our all digital work flow allows us to be quick and decisive. With our high resolution digital cameras, images and video are captured and stored on our network, where our team can access the content from their wirelessly linked graphic workstations. Content is refined (composition, styling, propping, camera angles) for immediate online approvals. Once the content is approved we perform more refined retouching, color correction, and proofing in accordance with industry standards herunterladen.

In the end, our commercial photography is a combination of prep, style, lighting, and prepress precision that determine a successful outcome – a result that will capture the attention of any potential buyer.

Home Fashion Photography

“For over a decade Impact Media has specialized in servicing the home fashion industry with dramatic lifestyle bedding photography, and curtain photography. Our content has been helping textile manufactures enhance their home fashion products in today’s on-demand retail marketplace.”

As a home furnishings specialty studio, Impact Media has approximately 8000 square feet of shooting area to accommodate a multitude of room sets for bedding photography, and curtain photography wii spiele gratis downloaden. Most room sets we build are modular, facilitating many possibilities. We also have a warehouse that is home to a huge inventory of bedroom furniture and bedding accessories updated each month with current additions.

Impact Media has the capability to create full room sets for bedding photography, and curtain photography with our modular room walls, windows, and floor selections. These options provide multiple combinations for on going unique room settings for bedding photography and curtain photography. Having over a decade of interior design and styling expertise, allows us to handle any project elster steuererklärung 2018en.

Project Central™ Integration

Impact Media provides its resources and knowledge of bedding photography and curtain photography, with its online tools to complete your project with drama and impact. Impact Media Project Central, our online desktop app, keeps you in touch with stage by stage alerts verifying the progress of your project. It also features a direct image markup for precise image revisions. Also included is the Impact Media Prop Shop, our extensive prop catalog featuring 1000’s of props! Affording you the opportunity to join our creative team in making styling decisions of your choice for your home fashion photography needs how much can you from spotify.

Architectural Photography

“Impact Media beginning was servicing the architectural industry with dramatic photography. Our images have been helping the architectural industry promote their structures with dramatic scenes.”

Impact Media began as an Architectural Photography studio cataloging buildings from construction to finish. Our images have helped architects see their creations through every stage; Creating compelling architectural photographs that capture the spirit of any building. We have worked with companies such as Trump Corp, I. M. Pei & Partners, and The Beechwood Organization to showcase their greatest works. Impact Media hopes to create your next stunning architectural photograph with beautiful lighting that captures tones rivaling a Maxfield Parrish painting birthday songs for free.

Product Photography

Impact Media Production Studios has been providing product photography for over 3 decades to manufactures and retailers a like. Our full service photography production studio is ready to handle any project small to large. Our rich tonal images enhance any product in any setting.

Baked Goods Photography

“Combined with our firsthand experience in one of the world’s largest bakeries and our unique knowledge of quality baked goods Impact Media creates stunning baked good photography that will make anyone crave the treat behind the wrapper.”

For over a decade Impact Media helped Entenmann’s with their baked goods photography by creating compelling images of their baked goods ranging from dessert cakes, donuts, cookies, loaf cakes, pies, cereal bars, muffins, Danish pastries, crumb cakes, and buns amongst their other baked goods facebook logo herunterladen. Learning from the some of the worlds top bakers the characteristics of what makes a quality baked good, along with the subtle cutting techniques that bring out those unique characteristics, Impact Media brings these experiences into all of our baked good photography shots.

Beverage Photography

“Impact Media’s unique beverage photography coupled with over 3 decades of experience allows us to be the photography production studio that you need to bring to life your vision for your beverage photography.”

Working with companies like Snapple, Miller, Pindar Vineyards, and C&C Distributors of Fine Wine and Spirits, has given Impact Media the experience to capture the essence of any beverage. By creating unique scenes for your beverage, Impact Media can turn your beverage photography into an image that grabs people’s attention and creates desire to be enjoyed apple itunes download free chip.

Clothing Fashion Photography

Impact Media knowledge for textiles not only exists in the home fashion industry but the clothing fashion industry as well. From the 100% Cashmere Sweaters of Italian Designer Luigi Baldo to the NYC Chic Shoes of New York Designer Ian Berhman, Impact Media can capture the subtle details of any garment or accessory on location or in studio. Our past clients include: Nike, Reebok, Champion, Russells, Luigi Baldo, & Ian Berhman.

Image Post Production & PrePress

Have an image that needs to go through post production & prepress amazon prime for free? Impact Media Production Studios offers services in image post production & prepress. By following our post production & prepress process, Impact Media can bring the ultimate fidelity out of any digital capture. Our post production & prepress process involves these procedures:

  • RAW file Color Balance
  • Clipping Path Creation
  • Non Destructive Photoshop Retouching
  • Local or Global Selective Color Adjustment / Enhancement
  • Color Correction / Color Cast Removal
  • Image Sharpening
  • Color Conversion RGB to CMYK
  • Press Proofing
  • Setting Maximum Ink Density Levels
  • File Extension Conversion ( .PSD, .TIF, .EPS, .JPG, .PDF )
  • File Export / Archive

Photoshop Retouching

At Images Images, Photoshop Retouching is done to all product images we take or receive. Taking the stance “less is more”, we never make an adjustment that doesn’t benefit the product / subject. All images taken / edited at Impact Media are edited using non destructive techniques in Adobe Photoshop chip spiele kostenlos downloaden.

Photoshop Color Correction

Color correction is an integral part of any commercial photograph. Having accurate color is crucial whether it be for print or screen. Impact Media takes great care in making sure your images are accurate by following our rigorous proofing process from capture to print. These guidelines allow us to provide accountable proofing results every time.

Conceptual Design

Impact Media can take your image concept and make it come to life. Image combination, scene scape creation, green screen replacement, Impact Media can create “the right image theater to sell your product.”